The Bible states that God created our world in seven days. Well, I find that difficult to believe. However, if that were true, all his mistakes would make sense. Yes, God made hundreds of mistakes, likely because he rushed everything. God’s many mistakes are procreation and the sensations of hunger and greed within the human spirit. God tried several times to correct his mistakes, and each time he tried, he failed. 

After several generations of breeding combined with the devastating feeling of hunger, the human spirit became tainted, and evil was born. Century after century, the human spirit became more evil, hungry for riches and power. God was becoming worried and concerned for his dominant species. He wanted to steer them away from evil and closer to goodness and himself, so he sent his son Jesus to save them. That did not work out so well, though. The corrupt government of the time feared Jesus’ powerful message of God, so the Temple government crucified him at thirty-three. Long before the creation of Earth, God created Lucifer, who was God’s protector. Lucifer loved his father very much. He praised him and pledged to fight and die to protect him. 

God and Lucifer spent most of their time together. Then, God created Earth and all living things. God spent most of his time overseeing humanity, and Lucifer became jealous. Completely out of control and out of his mind with jealousy, he violently and repeatedly lashed out at God. Lucifer despised humans, so he manipulated them. He promised riches and power to turn them away from God and over to him. He planned to turn governing humans into evil and watch them tear each other apart. After he destroyed his father’s pathetic humans, he planned to destroy everything else. The Apocalypse! This is the story of a young angel’s struggling journey, a mission of God to stop Satan and save humanity. Brutalized as a child by evil souls, she seeks revenge on those first. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, oblivious of the hell about to be unleashed on them! Her next fight is with Satan and all those with evil in their hearts and souls. The hunt is on, evil beware!

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