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Lucifer is brutal, a warrior of war, a master of destruction and death, the complete opposite of his father.  Lucifer’s plan was to turn all humans to evil and watch them tear each other apart.  After he destroyed his father’s pathetic humans, he planned to destroy everything else.  

God knew there was no way he would be able to stop Lucifer. Struggling to save his creation, God called a meeting of the High Council, the gods of the universe, to discuss his dilemma. The meeting concluded with a plan to create a human angel, a child born on Earth as the savior, an Angel of Souls with a clear mission: to stop Lucifer from destroying humanity, to eliminate evil, and to save all living things. This angel would not be a typical angel though. This angel would be born with the power of God, a power so intense it exceeded God’s reach. The purpose of creating an angel with such power was to prevent God from stopping what must be. 

The angel’s name is Hope, Angel of Souls, God’s judge and jury for the living.  I hope you can feel the story as I do. Our world is crashing down around us, and we need an angel to save us.

Please, God, send us Hope!


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