Author’s Note

The story you are about to read is fantasy, originally written as a screenplay and later rewritten into a novel.

If you consider all the evil absorbed by the souls of humanity today, you would have to believe Satan is behind it. I believe Satan is winning this battle of good against evil because humanity is losing faith in God. You may wonder, how can you believe in a God who allows evil to prevail?

Maybe God is powerless to do anything. Maybe God is not in control. Maybe God loves his children so deeply that he or she is too frightened to do what must be done to preserve good over evil. I am hoping that readers of this story believe God is flawed. If we believe God is more like us, and we are in his image, believing in him or her becomes so much easier. We need God in our hearts and in our souls now more than ever!


Paul Harvey was a brilliant American hero and a legend in radio broadcasting. No one will ever be able to succeed him—never. In 1965, Paul Harvey wrote a message to the world, a warning that the Devil was real. Paul Harvey brilliantly outlined the Devil’s plan to corrupt the human spirit by using its own government as a tool to do so, to lead civilization over to evil and self-destruction. Over fifty-seven years after his broadcast, everything Paul Harvey stated in his 1965 monologue, everything he outlined the Devil would do, has come true. You should be afraid of what has happened to society over the past fifty years and horrified as to what may happen to society over the coming fifty years.

I am asking my readers, before continuing to read this story, listen to Paul Harvey’s message for yourself, in his own voice and in his own tone. You had better prepare yourself because it is frightening to listen to. While you are listening, remember Paul Harvey broadcasted this message back in 1965, two generations ago. His message will overwhelm you in how precise he was in outlining the sequence of events up until today. After you listen to his warning to humanity, wonder for a moment, if Paul Harvey were alive today, what would be his message for the next two generations?

If we as a society continue along the Devil’s path, using the past sixty years as a reference, we may find ourselves in a frightening predicament. Perhaps our arrogance would drive humanity into extinction. Think about extinction for a moment. Think about all those countries, including the United States, with nuclear weapons and other world-ending weapons others may possess or are currently engineering. Knowing how creative humans have been in the past, what will humanity develop in the future? It only takes one lunatic to push a button, and when that one button is pushed, it forces other nations to push their buttons as well. So, tell me, after all those buttons are pushed, what would our world look like in the aftermath? Will humanity survive it? If you were one of the lucky ones who survived the devastating planet-ending event, would you be willing to continue living in the new world?

The only power we have as individuals to change our future is the power to unite as one being, as one human race. We have to take back our country—our cities and our neighborhoods–by replacing the corrupted leaders we elected to represent us. We need honest leadership, leaders who will fight for our freedoms, to defend us from harm by removing evil, to stabilize our economy allowing us to prosper so we can feed our families, educate our children, and comfortably enjoy our retirement. We as a society and as a human race have to learn to investigate the representatives we elect to represent us. We must examine the characteristics of our potential leaders, their accomplishments, their morals and values. We must carefully listen to their message and dissect it line by line to verify if they are worthy to serve us. We as one race want our freedom to choose how we live our lives and how we raise our children. We want our neighborhoods to be safe and free of evil so that we can walk to the market without fear of oppression. If you possess those values, I will vote for you!


Again, please listen to Paul Harvey’s message “If I Were the Devil” because it aligns with this story. You may find yourself listening to his message several times. Each time you listen, the more it makes sense. Paul Harvey was an amazing gift to humanity, and he has written many messages and monologues. I urge you to listen to them all. I guarantee you will be smarter and wiser for doing so.

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